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My Clients Always Come First

I work closely with each client to make sure I am serving their specific needs. Sometimes the information I need to represent a client is deeply buried. In divorce, success can mean something different for each individual case. For example, in some cases I have reunited parents with children when the parent had been estranged or precluded from visitation. In other situations we seek an order of protection, or other methods such as supervised visitation to ensure the safety of our clients and children, if there is a history of domestic violence.

Having served New York City from my Bronx law office for years, I have helped people from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. I understand that different people need different solutions to their family law problems.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Divorce Attorneys

One thing that sets me apart from other New York  attorneys is my background as a tax assessor. I regularly use my extensive knowledge of financial issues to the benefit of my clients. Other attorneys, who do not focus solely on family law or do not have similar financial experience, are often surprised at what I can uncover in terms of equitable distribution of property, tax issues, and the many other financial issues involved in divorce.

I have also served for many years as a court appointed guardian Ad Litem for children, Incapacitated person for elders as well as mentally retarded person, and Court evaluator. This work has given me perspective and experience in issues involving children and adults. I know how to help with issues such as a child’s disability, individual education plans, and other matters that can influence a divorce custody or visitation settlement.Child abuse and Neglect is an emotional and troubling legal topic, and I provide clients caring and thoughtful legal services in this sensitive matter. I offer comprehensive family law services that include name changes as they relate to paternity, divorce mediation and arbritration, and grandparent's visitation custody visitation rights. I represent clients in appeals.

Contact Me

Many of my clients remain close to me for years after their case is over. My mailbox is clogged with holiday cards every year. I like divorce and family law work and the results I can obtain for clients. I appreciate the loyal and lasting relationships I develop with them.

I would be happy to discuss your family law and divorce issues in an, initial consultation in my Bronx, New York, law office. Either visit my "Contact our Family and Divorce Lawyer" or call (718) 238-3001. If you decide to hire me, I can offer reasonable and fair rates. My family law and divorce law firm is here for people throughout metropolitan New York City, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester County, White plains New York.

Firm Overview

My name is Sandra M.Prowley, and I invite you to contact me for assistance with FAMILY LAW, LANDLORD TENANT LAW, SURROGATES COURT, ELDER LAW.  I have achieved much for my clients across the New York City area by always working hard, preparing thoroughly, and treating all clients with respect and attention.

I am zealous, yet thoughtful. I know how to be aggressive and assertive, but I also know there are times when you don’t want to be overly aggressive. Sometimes it is smarter to go over, under, or around an obstacle. I evaluate each case, and together with my client choose the best course of action for the case, often finding creative, innovative solutions that save clients time, money, and stress.