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When the above issues becomes unbearable, do not worry, contact the Law Office of Sandra M. Prowley and Associates, LLC, 718-239-3001,  we are aggressive in representing you in your legal needs.

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I have several years of experience handling divorce cases for clients in the New York metropolitan area, such as but not limited to the following areas: 

  • Uncontested Divorce:  An uncontested divorce is a divorce where both parties are in agreement and are ready, willing and able to cooperate with each other. Uncontested divorces offer great advantages in terms of speed, low cost, and certainty of result since the two parties are not litigating. 
  • Contested Divorce: Quite simply, contested divorce is where some or all of the issues (such as child custody and visitation, child support, property distribution and spousal support) are in dispute. We must negotiate and if necessary litigate to get the case resolved.
  • Divorce Mediation and Arbritration: Although divorce mediations cost less money and take less time, clients are often not properly represented. I represent clients in mediation and arbitration to ensure they receive proper representation. I am also available to serve as a mediator or arbitrator of a dispute.
  • Child Support:  As an attorney who have represented many clients in the area of child support, I can advice as to the criteria the referee or judge's will consider which will place you in a cutting edge above and beyond opposing counsel.
  • Custody and Visitation: Child custody and visitation are the most contentious areas of divorce, very often resulting in tough court battles. According to the law in New York, the best interests of the child dictates custody. But very often, the parents don’t agree on whose custody best meets the child’s best interests. 
  • Alimony/Spousal Support/Maintenance:  I will advice you before you go to court whether or not you have to pay.
  • Division of Assets/ Equitable Distribution of Property: Every state has different rules about property division in a divorce. You may have heard of “community property.” No such provision exists in New York. Here, you must evaluate whether each asset qualifies as “separate property” or “marital property.”
  • Tax Issues: There are tax implications in every aspect of divorce agreements. For example, paying spousal support affords tax deductions and deductible expenses. Child support, on the other hand, does not.
  • Grandparents Visitation and Custody Issues: Increasingly, grandparents are seeking court orders to regularly see their grandchildren when the parents object to visitation. I can help secure visitation rights or, likewise, I can represent parents to resist grandparent visitation in appropriate circumstances
  • Paternity: To get child support, you often must establish paternity in a legally binding way through DNA testing or other methods. Though most paternity cases involve paternity orders against fathers, in some cases a father must establish himself as the biological father if he wants a relationship with his child. I also assist with name changes as they relate to paternity
  • Child Abuse and Neglect: represent parents who need a lawyer to fight unjust charges of abusing or neglecting their children. Likewise we apply this experience in custody and visitation matters where such accusations are relevant.

I use my experience  to your advantage in areas such as property settlements, child support, tax issues and alimony. I am also adept at pre-divorce financial planning for clients who plan to get divorced in the future. In all, I am always determined to out-prepare and out-work all opposing lawyers. I also represent clients in family law and divorce appeals.

Contact My Family Law and Divorce Law FirmI offer free, no-obligation initial consultations to all potential clients. I prefer to meet with people face-to-face in my Brooklyn, New York, law office, if possible. For those too far away to make a personal visit we will provide telephone consultation. To set up an appointment, please visit this site "Contact our Family Law and Divorce Lawyer" or call me at (718) 239-3001. If you decide to hire me, all subsequent attorneys fees will be reasonable and fair. My divorce and family law firm is here for people throughout New York City, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester.

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